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At Direct Blast we are specialists in abrasive blasting techniques including sand blasting. Perth clients employ our services to blast anything from industrial equipment to small vehicles.


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Direct Blast is industry-renowned for its sandblasting services in Perth. We have years of experience, and use the latest technology and a range of materials to suit your blasting needs.

Sandblasting is a technique whereby sand is propelled with such force and speed that it can actually clean a surface, or leave marks on it (such as designs, words, or patterns). This process prepares surfaces for protective coatings.

Today, a wider range of materials are used for abrasive blasting in Perth, as sand inhalation can cause silicosis, a lung disease. Sand can be replaced with almost any small and uniform particle. Examples include walnut shell, coconut shell, powdered abrasives, steel grit, and copper slag. Safety laws have also mandated the use of protective gear and ventilation during sandblasting.


Abrasive blasting requires special equipment. Our state of the art blasting tools consist of an abrasive, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle.

Direct Blast use steel grit as it has an angular carbon steel, designed for quick and effective removal of surface contaminants from metals. Softer than aluminium oxide and less likely to fracture, steel grit leaves an etched surface superior for adhesion of paints and coatings.


The large sandblasting room at our Perth workshop measures 20x6x5 metres, and can accommodate just about anything, 365 days a year.

With storage onsite and numerous forklifts and cranes we can load/unload and manoeuver any size item you may require.

  • Mining
  • Onshore/Offshore
  • Transport
  • Anit Graffiti
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Structural Steel
  • Tank Lining

We provide a wide range of blasting solutions for your industrial and domestic needs. For expert sandblasting in Perth, contact Direct Blast today for a free, no obligation quote.