Abrasive Blasting

Used in various industries for surface cleaning and etching. Blasted surfaces allow for better adhesion of paint and other coatings. We use special high pressure abrasive tools and steel grit for a perfect finish. We provide garnet and chilled iron grit blasting for your specific requirements. Our blast room is large enough for any job.

We also provide soda blasting, which is an excellent alternative to traditional sandblasting. Soda blasting won’t damage the underlying substrate in any way, making it an ideal solution for more delicate surfaces. There are a wide range of applications for soda blasting, such as: stripping paint from car bodies, brickwork (as seen below), concrete, bitumen, wood and glass. Soda blasting can also simply be used to degrease an engine.

  • Sandblasting – from industrial equipment to small vehicles.

  • Mobile Sandblasting – from large scale industrial & commercial projects to residential backyard swimming pools.

  • Soda Blasting – excellent alternative to sandblasting, we can remove paint and other coatings without damaging the original substrate.

  • Dustless Blasting – excellent alternative to sandblasting, we can remove paint and other coatings without damaging the original substrate.

Direct Blast is industry-renowned for its sandblasting services in Perth. We have years of experience, and use the latest technology and a range of materials to suit your blasting needs.

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Protective Coatings

An industrial protective coating is a paint or coating defined by its protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both.

We clean and prepare the surface before selecting the right coating for the use, environment and maintenance requirements of your equipment. We use the highest quality coatings to ensure your structures look good and resist wear.

  • Quality work

  • Fastest turn around time on all jobs
  • Always the best possible price
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • No Job is too big or small

Direct Blast are experts in applying high quality protective coatings for a number of different industrial applications. Call Direct Blast today on (08) 6278 3711 and protect your equipment with the best protective coatings Perth has to offer.

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Intumescent Fire Coating

Intumescent paint is a form of fire retardant coating that contributes to passive fire fighting. The word intumescent refers to a substance which expands when it becomes subject to extreme high temperatures. Therefore intumescent coatings are effective fire retardants. When the temperature rises during a fire, the coating expands and its density decreases, this results in a foamy char layer. This layer insulates the coated material reducing the destructive effects of the heat.

  • Easy to apply 

  • Cost effective

  • Infused with advanced technology 

  • Much safer to use than less advanced methods

Direct Blast provides intumescent painting services to the entire Perth metro area. So if you’re looking for a reliable company who provides intumescent fire coating Perth wide, then look no further!

Save time and money by contacting Direct Blast today for a free no obligation quote! (08) 6278 3711

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Protective coating reports

We are able to provide detailed coating reports to meet your specifications. We can adhere to various standards including Australian Standards.

We have an NACE qualified inspector to ensure adherence to the specification and standards. Certification number CIP52696.

We are a member of the Australian Corrosion Association. For further information visit www.corrosion.com.au.

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