Direct Blast strives to provide the most professional and cost-effective dustless blasting Perth has to offer.

Dustless blasting uses a combination of recycled crushed glass and water to strip unwanted paint and coatings from almost any surface. This results in a more efficient method of blasting when compared to standard sandblasting equipment. The water reduces friction which in turn prevents heat so there is no risk of warping. Combined with a rust inhibitor, chlorides are removed, leaving a perfect ready to paint surface.


Dustless Blasting PerthAs well as preventing issues related to warping, dustless blasting also solves the problems related to paint adhesion that can be caused by soda blasting. Dustless blasting is faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than any other paint stripping method.

Dustless blasting is suitable for a wide range of applications and surfaces such as:

  • Residential — Cuts through graffiti with ease, leaving the original surface intact and is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Industrial — Dustless blasting is safe to perform while welders, electricians and painters are also on-site.
  • Commercial — The ultimate solution for stripping lead, asbestos abatement and other toxic coatings.
  • Automotive — A Dustless blaster is the perfect tool for automotive paint stripping. No sanding, warping or dust.
  • Marine — Safe for use on fibreglass, aluminium and steel. No need to be concerned about air and/or water quality issues.
  • Wood Restoration — Perfect for fast removal of paint, lacquer, stain, polyurethane and any other coating on wooden surfaces.


Direct Blast provides services to the entire Perth metro area. So if you’re looking for a reliable abrasive blasting company who provides dustless blasting Perth wide, then look no further! Save time and money by contacting Direct Blast today for a free no obligation quote!