Here at Direct Industries we have a variety of resources to assist in the streamlining of our projects.

We are able to provide a seamless project from start to finish with the engagement of our engineers, designers, access equipment, scaffolding, logistics, crane hire and recruitment. Our business is a small to medium size company but our staff have the capabilities and appropriate training to undertake the tasks required.  Our administrative, workshop and project team have extensive knowledge of the industry. 

We also provide training for our new employees in their specific roles. Further staff are recruited when required for larger projects.

  • We maintain a positive workplace basing our work practices upon openness, fairness, honesty and integrity.

  • We encourage teamwork and achieve this by providing support for each member of our team.

  • Our work roles are dynamic which provides challenges and intrinsic reward for our employees.

  • Autonomy and accountability in managing projects successfully within defined parameters.

  • Career planning and support to assist staff attaining their personal goals and development in line with the company and group goals.

  • Recognition of individual and team performance with a meaningful incentive and reward structure.

  • An open-door policy with ready access to senior management.

  • Top priority focus on developing and maintaining a strong company safety awareness and compliance culture driven from board level cascading down throughout the entire organisation.

  • Willingness to have a go with new services/products and find better ways.

  • Pride in our people, equipment and our work.

  • Getting it right first time, on time, to the specified quality, safely whilst respecting the environment.

  • Respecting our clients and fostering long-term relationships which lead to repeat business.

  • Enjoying our work.