Abrasive Blasting

Used in various industries for surface cleaning and etching. Blasted surfaces allow for better adhesion of paint and other coatings. We use special high pressure abrasive tools and steel grit for a perfect finish. We provide garnet and chilled iron grit blasting for your specific requirements. Our blast room is large enough for any job.

We also provide soda blasting, which is an excellent alternative to traditional sandblasting. Soda blasting won’t damage the underlying substrate in any way, making it an ideal solution for more delicate surfaces. There are a wide range of applications for soda blasting, such as: stripping paint from car bodies, brickwork (as seen below), concrete, bitumen, wood and glass. Soda blasting can also simply be used to degrease an engine.


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At Direct Blast we are specialists in abrasive blasting techniques including sand blasting. Perth clients employ our services to blast anything from industrial equipment to small vehicles.

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Direct Blast is industry-renowned for its sandblasting services in Perth. We have years of experience, and use the latest technology and a range of materials to suit your blasting needs.

Sandblasting is a technique whereby sand is propelled with such force and speed that it can actually clean a surface, or leave marks on it (such as designs, words, or patterns). This process prepares surfaces for protective coatings.

Today, a wider range of materials are used for abrasive blasting in Perth, as sand inhalation can cause silicosis, a lung disease. Sand can be replaced with almost any small and uniform particle. Examples include walnut shell, coconut shell, powdered abrasives, steel grit, and copper slag. Safety laws have also mandated the use of protective gear and ventilation during sandblasting.

Abrasive blasting requires special equipment. Our state of the art blasting tools consist of an abrasive, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle.

Direct Blast use steel grit as it has an angular carbon steel, designed for quick and effective removal of surface contaminants from metals. Softer than aluminium oxide and less likely to fracture, steel grit leaves an etched surface superior for adhesion of paints and coatings.

  • Garnet
  • Glass Bead
  • Chilled Iron Grit
  • Mobile Sandblasting
  • Soda Blasting
  • Dustless Blasting
  • Wet Sandblasting
  • Glass Bead Blasting
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Plastic Media
  • Steel Grit

The large sandblasting room at our Perth workshop measures 20x6x5 metres, and can accommodate just about anything, 365 days a year.

With storage onsite and numerous forklifts and cranes we can load/unload and manoeuver any size item you may require.

  • Mining
  • Onshore/Offshore
  • Transport
  • Anit Graffiti
  • High Temperature Coatings
  • Structural Steel
  • Tank Lining

We provide a wide range of blasting solutions for your industrial and domestic needs. For expert sandblasting in Perth, contact Direct Blast today.

Mobile Sandblasting

Direct Blast prides itself on providing the most professional an cost-effective mobile sandblasting Perth has to offer.

At Direct Blast all of our mobile sandblasters are experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge. Therefore we can provide you with all of your abrasive blasting, protective coating and industrial painting needs. We can also undertake works of all sizes from large scale industrial and commercial projects to residential backyard swimming pools.

Mobile sandblasting is suitable for a wide range of surfaces and applications such as:

  • Steel Blasting — Steel can be sandblasted in preparation for construction or in preparation for protective coatings and paint.
  • Brick and Render Preparation — Existing surfaces that require renovation can be efficiently blasted in preparation for new finishes to be applied.
  • Wood Blasting — Timber that has been painted can easily be sandblasted to remove existing coatings and contaminants. Because of this our sandblaster will have your timber looking as good as new!
  • Paint Removal — Most surfaces are suitable for sandblasting. Therefore we can effectively blast painted walls and plastered surfaces to prepare for repainting or other finishes.
  • Sandstone Rejuvenation — Many old sandstone buildings have been painted over the years. Abrasive blasting will remove the layers of paint and other contaminants, rejuvenating the sandstone to it’s original state.

Direct Blast services the entire Perth metro area. If you’re looking for an expert sandblaster who provides mobile sandblasting Perth wide, then contact Direct Blast today.

Soda Blasting

At Direct Blast we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most cost-effective soda blasting Perth has to offer.

Soda blasting is an excellent alternative to sandblasting. It won’t damage the underlying substrate in any way, making it the perfect solution for more delicate surfaces. By using compressed air to blast bicarbonate of soda onto the surface, we can remove paint and other coatings without damaging the original substrate.

Direct Blast services the entire Perth metro area. So if you’re looking for a reliable company who provides soda blasting Perth wide, then look no further! Contact Direct Blast today for a free no obligation quote!

Soda blasting is safe to use on a wide-range of surfaces such as: metal, alloy, fibreglass, plastic and carbon fibre.

Soda blasting is also an excellent degreasing agent. There is no need to remove any bearings or seals due to no pre-degreasing requirements. Because of this there is no need to remove any bearings or seals. Bicarbonate of soda is non-corrosive, and no heat is generated during the process, so there will be no pitting or warping of the material being blasted.

The applications for soda blasting are wide ranging and varied, from stripping paint off of car bodies, brickwork, concrete, bitumen, wood or glass to simply be used to degrease an engine.

Soda Blasting Brickworks:

sandblasting industrial coatings dustless sand blasting perth wasandblasting industrial coatings dustless sand blasting perth wa

The blast material is a specially formulated bicarbonate of soda. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous food grade material (essentially baking soda), that is water soluble and 100% environmentally safe. In many cases, soda blasting does not require water further reducing the impact on the environment.

Soda blasting is also suitable for use in the commercial food or catering industry. The blasting material is 100% food grade baking soda. Because of this it can be used to safely clean kitchen equipment.

Direct Blast services the entire Perth metro area. So if you’re looking for a reliable company who provides soda blasting Perth wide, then look no further! Contact Direct Blast today! (08) 6278 3711

Dustless Blasting

Direct Blast strives to provide the most professional and cost-effective dustless blasting Perth has to offer.

Dustless blasting uses a combination of recycled crushed glass and water to strip unwanted paint and coatings from almost any surface. This results in a more efficient method of blasting when compared to standard sandblasting equipment. The water reduces friction which in turn prevents heat so there is no risk of warping. Combined with a rust inhibitor, chlorides are removed, leaving a perfect ready to paint surface.

As well as preventing issues related to warping, dustless blasting also solves the problems related to paint adhesion that can be caused by soda blasting. Dustless blasting is faster, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than any other paint stripping method.

Dustless blasting is suitable for a wide range of applications and surfaces such as:

  • Residential — Cuts through graffiti with ease, leaving the original surface intact and is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Industrial — Dustless blasting is safe to perform while welders, electricians and painters are also on-site.
  • Commercial — The ultimate solution for stripping lead, asbestos abatement and other toxic coatings.
  • Automotive — A Dustless blaster is the perfect tool for automotive paint stripping. No sanding, warping or dust.
  • Marine — Safe for use on fibreglass, aluminium and steel. No need to be concerned about air and/or water quality issues.
  • Wood Restoration — Perfect for fast removal of paint, lacquer, stain, polyurethane and any other coating on wooden surfaces.

Direct Blast provides services to the entire Perth metro area. So if you’re looking for a reliable abrasive blasting company who provides dustless blasting Perth wide, then look no further! Save time and money by contacting Direct Blast today! (08) 6278 3711