Fire Coatings

Intumescent paint is a form of fire retardant coating that contributes to passive fire fighting. The word intumescent refers to a substance which expands when it becomes subject to extreme high temperatures. Therefore intumescent coatings are effective fire retardants. When the temperature rises during a fire, the coating expands and its density decreases, this results in a foamy char layer. This layer insulates the coated material reducing the destructive effects of the heat.

Increase Workplace Safety

In Australia safety at work is the responsibility of the employer, owner or landlord. They must guarantee the employees’ safety in case of fire. Fire retardant coatings are very effective in preventing damage caused by fire. Intumescent paint does not make the structures fireproof, but it does slow down the burning process. The paint can give up to 120 minutes additional time to evacuate the building. The intumescent products are divided into classes by the additional evacuation time provided by them.

SC900 Series

The new SC900 series from Nullifire is the next generation of structural steel fire protection products. Two hour fire protection can be achieved in just one coat in 24 hours instead of 7 days for conventional products.

The SC900 series offers all the performance benefits of thick film 90 and 120 minute water-based intumescent coatings but with the unique benefit of rapid cure technology. Providing significant positive impact on the construction schedule.

  • Maximise Productive Spraying Time – SC901 and SC902 both cure well in high humidity and in low temperatures, helping to maximise factory productivity or lessen time spent spraying on-site.

  • Self-Priming – The coatings can be applied directly onto SA2.5 blasted steel, without the need of a primer coat.

  • Fast Track Application in a Single Coat – The unique high build nature of both SC901 and SC902 allows the application of sufficient paint to provide 2 hour fire protection in a single coat. With a wet film thickness up to 6.5 mm in a single application, coating times can be reduced by over 60%.
  • Versatile Coating Finish – High speed application gives a lightly textured finish. A smooth finish can be achieved by adjusting the amount of thinner content.
  • Early Durability – Both SC901 and SC902 are touch dry within 1 hour and fully cured within 8 hours. With best in class construction phase durability, the coating is weather resistant in 1 hour. Good resistance to running and pooling water avoids damage to the freshly completed coating eliminating costly re-coating.
  • Speedy Repairs – On-site damage is a reality of busy construction sites or production facilities. With the SC900 series minor repairs can be effected quickly.

Benefits of Intumescent Fire Coatings

Intumescent paint has been subject to constant testing and it has proven to be a game changer in the passive fire prevention. The main benefit of the coating is naturally the ability to withstand fire for longer than ordinary paints. This leads protecting buildings from extensive damage and reducing injuries caused by fire due to extended time to evacuate. These coatings are getting more attention and their importance in fire prevention becoming widely acknowledged.

  • Easy to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Infused with advanced technology
  • Much safer to use than less advanced methods

Intumescent Painting Specialists in Perth

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