Coatings have long been used for their protective properties, especially with materials like concrete and steel, and the right application can drastically slow down, or even stop the decaying process. Corrosion control is perhaps the main reason for applying a protective coating, although it can enhance the aesthetics at the same time.


This has benefitted greatly from coating developments, with special coatings that can be applied to commercial vehicles, protecting the surfaces against the harsh climate that Western Australia can experience. Heavy plant and agricultural machinery can be coated to ensure that there is little corrosion, even with extensive exposure to the elements.


Fire retardant coatings are usually applied to fire rescue vehicles, aircraft interiors, storage tanks and other items that might be exposed to fire. There are reputable online companies that specialise in coating all kinds of surfaces in both a commercial and domestic environment, and by using the experts, you can be sure the results will be perfect.


The mining industry relies heavily on protective coatings, with such a range of extreme conditions, surfaces need all the protection possible in order to remain in good condition. Keeping mining equipment in good order is essential for safety reasons, as well as the smooth running of the operation. It is also true that by taking care of the equipment and tools, the company can actually save money, as the equipment will last longer, and there will be less work stoppages due to machinery breakdowns.


In Western Australia, the climate requires a high level of protection, and steel structures can be coated with a variety of materials to keep the corrosive effects of the sun and salt at bay. Most of the commercial buildings you see are coated with some form of protective layer, and that helps it retain its original condition.


There are obvious benefits with relation to safety, as protected equipment will remain in good condition for longer, avoiding breakdowns and malfunctions, a major cause of industrial accidents. The construction industry relies on regular blasting and coating of heavy duty machinery, and this helps keep the equipment in good condition, which in turn means less accidents.


Many industries use storage tanks and these have to be lined with a special coating to prevent contamination. This type of protective coating is an industry in itself, with many established companies that provide sandblasting and protective coating services, it pays to talk to an established company such as Direct Blast, a Perth based business that services Western Australia, and specialises in commercial protective coatings. We would be happy to advise on all aspects of abrasive cleaning and coating, so contact us today, for a free, no obligation quote.


Western Australian businesses know all about the destructive properties of the sea air, and it is comforting to know that there are special coatings the are resistant to salt, and are ideal for any coastal environment.

The protective coating industry services many other industries by providing suitable sealants and coatings to keep vital surfaces free from corrosion.